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This page is dedicated to those families who have sent photos and information of puppies they have purchased from us.
These puppies are no longer available.
We do encourage each family to send us up-dates from time to time. We love hearing from you!


I can't possibly express to you in words how much we love Dobie.  She has the best temperament--she is relatively calm and loves to be held and be around people. We bring her EVERYWHERE!  She is the unofficial mascot of our soccer teams, and is my partner in the carpool line every day.  We bring her on vacation if we are able.  I have even brought her to the movies (hidden in a purse-like doggie carrier).  She has so much love for my sons and my husband, and when they enter a room or even just speak after a period of silence, she gets so excited that she looks like she is ready to explode with love.  She loves human contact, and I think she has a heightened sense of doggie ESP--if I am not feeling good, she will not leave my side, and she always comes to give me love and just be adorable at just the precise moment that one of us needs it.  She is super social and loves people.  Kids love to play with her and dress her up in clothes and push her around in a baby doll stroller or toy shopping cart.  She loves our Doberman Tula, and she is perpetually scared to walk out our side door because she knows our cat is about to ambush her from a hiding place.  She loves to sit in sunbeams, and she hates thunder (thank goodness for the thundershirt!).  Our nicknames for her include:  Dobe, Dober, Dobers, baby dog, monkeybear, monchichi, monkeybaby, rhesus monkey, monkeybeardog and little baby dog. Chuck started saying, "Dobie is a baby dog!" to Dobie when she was little, and she would get so excited.  So we all say that to her when we want to get her excited or play with her, or sometimes just as an expression of love.  The kids take turns having her sleep in their beds or sit their laps in the car.  We love having her around as much as possible.  We feel like Dobie completes us and we love her very, very much!
We can't wait to see what the next one is like! ~tricia, chuck, parker and keaton sanchez

Miss Debra is so awesome! This is Lexi; she filled a void, that my husband and I thought could never be. My friend lost her baby of 15 years, a few weeks ago. I brought her to Debra. She fell in love with (who is now Tilli) a tiny little long hair Chihuahua. Thanks for loving all your babies, and taking such good care of them. Paulette and Bud Latham

Hi Debra,
Things have been going great with Oliver! He is such a lover and everyone he meets falls in love with him with the first wag of his tail. His favorite things to do are play and snuggle, and he is more affectionate than we ever imagined possible. He is definitely a momma's boy, but he loves his daddy too. He is a very healthy dog and he is about to go through some personal training soon. We love him so much, and wouldn't know what we would do without our little lover! He is definitely the best purchase we have ever made!

Whenever we decide to get another dog to be Oliver's little buddy and partner in crime, we'll be coming straight back to you! Thank you again for sending us such a great dog and important part of our family! Oliver says hi, and that he loves and misses you! 
- Houston and Karissa

Grace reading to Herschel and Maddox this morning! We are so in love with  our fur baby! He's a great puppy! The first trip to the vet, the kids got to listen to his heartbeat! Thanks again for a sweetheart of a puppy! He is doing great! He's a perfect fit with the kiddos! He's eating well, plays great and I crate him for short periods during the day so he can rest/nap and make sure he gets plenty to eat/drink. While the kids nap he naps. I think the kids liked the vet experience minus Herschel getting a shot. I warned them that that was going happen, but he whimpered and they thought she hurt him. They were overall okay with it. He's such a precious baby!! We got a sweet compliment from the vet: they took him to the back to weigh him & get the stool sample. When the vet came in she said she and vet tech
decided they'd just steal him b/c he's so cute! He's loved a lot!! :)  ~Katrina

We just wanted to thank you for this absolutely wonderful addition to our family. Tori Love (her name) is perfect. She is so much fun to watch, this little ball of energy. She is so happy all the time and love’s giving the sweetest puppy kisses you have ever had. Tori  weighs just under 2 lbs and her vet says she is an example of a very sweet Chihuahua with a sweet temperament and in wonderful health. I could not have ordered a more perfect Chihuahua.

Thank you again, Bruce and Yvonne

I just wanted to send a quick letter about sugar Aka sally. This little girl is the queen of the house. She is very territorial and barks even when the neighbors get home. Lol. She is very loving, smart as a whip and very easily trained. She goes to her kennel without asking, she never pees inside and love's being held. She is the best dog i've ever owned. She is a lot bigger than we thought she would get. She is about 5 pounds and pretty tall with her long legs. Thank you for giving me a ultimate friend.  Thanks again, Lisa Stroh

Hi, I'm Jasper Jax.  I'm 6 months old.  My mom adopted me when I was 19 weeks old.  I liked my
other mom Debra very much. My new mom hugs me and gives me lots of kisses.
I have a big sister Heather Rose, she is a springer spaniel.  Mom says even though I am only
5 lbs I am her big boy.  Mom wants to adopt a brother or sister from Debra for me.  Heather
Rose is 9 years old and sometimes I bother her. I can't help it, I have all of this energy and I just
want to play all of the time. Well that is when I'm not eating or sleeping.
My mom took some pictures of me, I hope you will like them.
Jasper  Jax
P.S. I think my new mom is crazy about me.

Hi Debra,
I hope that you are doing well!  I decided to send you an update on our puppy C46, bought in 2009.  My son named him "Bullet" and we love him so much.  He was the perfect puppy for us.  He loves my son, Connor, who was 8 years old at that time.  He accepted our Siamese cat, Cocoa, and they are caught sleeping together "sometimes".  I check your site when I need a smile.  One day, I will add another one to our family.  Bullet's dad was Zaccheus and mom was Tiny Dancer.  I've attached a few is before we had groomed and one after.  He is still the cutest dog ever! 
The Wiggins Family from Millbrook, AL

Hey Debra,
I have looked on your site every now and then every since we bought a puppy from you almost 4 years ago! It was puppy have a picture of him in your gallery...the mom was Hailey and the dad was Rufus and he was born on 1-13-09. Anyway, i was looking through your testimonials today and I saw my dog's (Charlie is his name) sister on there!! She was puppy C66 and i remember playing with her when we came to pick up Charlie. I always wonder how his brother's and sister look now so it was so great to see a picture of her! She looks like Charlie, except she has more of Hailey's coloring and Charlie has Rufus' coloring....Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much we love our little guy.  He is still coming to the office with me everyday! He is so spoiled, but I don't know what i would do without him. His personality is unbelievable and my husband and I talk about the day we came to pick him up all the time. Sometimes we even do the "hello, hello, hello, hello" that you did when we were there to see if he remembers it...he does get really excited and playful when we do that! Isn't that funny?
If we ever decide to get another dog, we will definitely come to the Paw Palace...Like i said, i visit your website every few weeks to see what new puppies you have and It's so hard to resist some of the puppies i see...especially the ones that are puppies of either Rufus or Hailey!
I have attached updated pictures of our little Charlie-man so you can see him all grown up!!
Chihuahua Puppy #C63
Aimee from Mandeville, La.

Just sharing some recent pictures of our little queen.  She is such a funny, spunky little ball of energy!  She keeps Molly on her toes!! Hope you are well.  ~ Best, Danyca from RI

Hi there! It's Steve & Shiloh in Salt Lake City, UT.
We bought this beautiful girl from you a couple years ago.
She is the best dog!! So sweet and shy yet playful.
Thanks for making it happen by taking her to the airport and sending her to us!

#G10 - Long Coat Male
Mom: Dixie & Dad: Tonka
Born: 12-28-11
Went home to Linda of Covington, LA

Hi Debra!

Attaching a photo of #G10, AKA Boudreaux (Bou.)  This pic was taken at 6 months of age.  Boy, has he changed!  That little cream colored ball of fluff has grown into a beautiful red fawn!  He has taken over our home and our hearts.  At 6-months, he was 4 1/2 pounds of awesomeness!!!!!

 I’m ready for another one!
Lynda & Joe Beaugez – Covington, LA

Chihuahua Puppy #F1
Tiny Long Coat Female
Mom: Patches
Dad: Wahoo
Born: 11-19-10
Estimated weight as an adult to be around 2 - 2 1/2 pounds
Went home to Patricia from Bay Springs, Mississippi

Hi - thought I would send you some updated photos of Izzy, my favorite little friend. She has been such a pleasure - always tries to do what pleases me (most of the time ). She has been very healthy, once she got past the snorting all the time and doing fine. The vet thought she would outgrow the sounds and snorting and she seems to have.
The first photo is of her in her "car seat". She loves going places with me and I take her almost everywhere. She loves people and other pets. My husband has also fallen in love with her. He kept her while I went to Huntsville to babysit.
The second one is her outside on the deck. She loves playing outside and also goes "potty" if I remember to take her - she hasn't learned to tell me yet, hope with time she will.
The third one is when we went to visit a friend. They had a wonderful time playing.
Thank you for raising such sweet puppies. Maybe when she get just a little older, I might like to get her a playmate. I would like to have one that will stay about 2 - 2 1/2 lbs. I love the one that you have on your web site - it's F29. She was born 1-27-11 - could you tell me how much she weighs now and how much she is.
Thank you
Pat Abney

Thought I would send the photo - our one week celebration. We had to change her name from Leah to Miss Kitty - my husband's choice - his favorite TV show is Gunsmoke and we thought Miss Kitty would be different - most folks think we are confused as to what kind of pet we have, so it's a good conversation starter, especially since she sorta looks like a little raccoon. She is so cute and we have fallen in love with her - she has been really good at using the potty pads or going outside. She has gained an ounce this week and I'm still hoping she doesn't get much bigger than 3.5 lbs. She has a very sweet nature and loves everyone - has gotten really playful and fun to watch running around the house. Of course I have to watch her to make sure she doesn't get into anything she shouldn't - just like a little baby, so she keeps me pretty busy.
I wished I had asked to see her parents while I was there. If you have photos of them could you send them to me. Wished I lived a little closer to be able to come jjust look at the puppies that you have - they were all so cute. I hope I will be able to get a companion for Miss Kitty at some point, If you have another puppy that comes along that you think will be very small please let me know.
Thank you

Chihuahua Puppy #D95
Extremely Tiny Smooth Coat Male
Mom: Gabriella
Dad: Tux
Born: 1-16-10
Weight as of 3-14-10 is at 11 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult to be around 2 - 2 1/2 pounds
Went home to his new Mom Kisha from Loveland, Ohio

Well the little boy that came home to us about nine months ago has turned a year old today. He had his birthday party today with all of his playmates. I will have to say the joy that this little boy has brought to our home is unbelievable. We named him Gotti but to us he is our little wee pee. I want to thank you for him and tell you what a great breeder you are. As you know Kisha and I went round and round about getting another dog and I am glad she won the fight. Again thank you for such a great little boy.
Tom Sparrow

Hello Debra,
How have you been good we hope, I wanted to just drop you a line and tell you just how wonderful of a breeder we thought you were. Gotti is more than we could have ever hoped for he is so sweet and loving and has the best personality he is also very tiny as you said he would be. He is healthy and happy and very beautiful.
You did such a wonderful job with him thank you so much we love him so much.
Kisha B.


Chihuahua Puppy #E41
Smooth Coat Female
Mom: GiGi
Dad: Rufus
Born: 7-30-10
Went home to her new Mom, Jessica from Metairie, La.

Ms. Debra, here are just a few pics of Lola (puppy E41, born 07/30/10). Lola has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She currently weighs 3lbs. She is the sweetest little girl and allows anyone to pick her up and snuggle her. However, she can be feisty as she thinks she is the boss of Max (pug) and Thunder (redbone coonhound). It is quite funny. She loves wearing clothes, going to visit family, and going for rides in the car. Her personality keeps us laughing as she dances on her hind legs and tries to walk, jumps in place at our side, loves to play chase in the house, waits by the treats until she gets our attention, barks and prances in circles when the Geico commercial plays with the pig yells "WEEEEEEEE" in the car, and as she pounces at the bedroom doors in hopes they will open. She has learned most of her tricks and bad habits from Max. haha. Lola is an absolute delight and I can't wait to get another one! Also, thanks for all your time and help answering questions when I was inquiring about a purchase. As a buyer, it was nice to see where my puppy came from and to see her interaction with you- my mom and I remember that she kept shaking vigorously in our hands and when you held her, she began kissing you and her tail went up as she showed great excitement. It made us smile and it truly exhibits the love and care that you provide to all the puppies. My mom says that if she knew my dad wouldn't have minded, she would have bought a puppy too! As you know, he was not fond of the idea of another pet, but he sure loves Lola! We couldn't have been happier purchasing our Lola from you.

Chihuahua Puppy #E52
Tiny Smooth Coat Male
Mom: Hallie
Dad: Rufus
Born: 8-3-10
Estimated weight as an adult to be
around 3 - 3 1/2 pounds
Has gone home to his best friend,
Clarie from Slidell, La.

I had a quick question for you. I was trimming Brutus' nails and notice he has no dew claws. Are those something you removed or just an odd thing? Did you ever notice he has an underbite? It doesn't bother him and makes him look even cuter. Brutus is doing great. We love him so much. He gets along with all of the cats. They not only tolerate him, they play with him!! He weighs 2 lbs14 ounces at this 6 month mark !!! He is truly spoiled as my daughter is building his wardrobe and he was in our St Tammany Clipper magazine ad for Cafe de Bone this month. Hope all is well with your family. I'll update you again soon.


Chihuahua Puppy #C21
Tiny Long Coat Female
Mom: Red
Dad: Zaccheaus
Born: November 5, 2008
Weight as of Jan. 8, 2008 is 15 1/2 ounces
Went to her new Mom, Marsha from Shreveport, La.


I am sending an updated picture of Ginger. I cannot tell you how much joy this pup has brought into our life.
Her colors are beautiful. Her personality is great - she is high spirited and vivacious! She learned to go outside to potty with hardly any effort from us. She sleeps with me and is the perfect lap pup! She has been nothing but a joy!
Of course, she is spoiled, but if you look at that beautiful little face, how could anyone help but spoil her?
Thanks for the opportunity to bring her into our lives!
Marsha Gill

Chihuahua Puppy #D42
Long Coat Female
Mom: Calico
Dad: Alladin
Born: 10-8-09
Weight as of 11-3-09 is at 16 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult to be around 3 - 3 1/2
Went to her new home with her new parents, Mark and Nancy from Lake Charles, La.

Hi Debra -
Just want to send you an updated photo of Matilda (Sold Chihuahua Puppy #D42) that we brought home in December of last year. As you can see, she's become quite a beautiful little lady. We love her so much it's scary, and can't imagine how we ever got along without her.
Thanks so much,
Mark Joslin
Lake Charles, LA
PS - While I have your attention, I'd like to ask you about Chihuahua Puppy #E40. When will she be ready for her new home, and how much is she? We're considering it, believe it or not. She would be #4 at our house. (No such thing as too many Chihuahuas!) Not quite ready to commit but keeping our eyes open, and naturally you'd be the first place we'd check. Thanks!

Chihuahua Puppy #D35
Smooth Coat Male
Mom: Chantilly
Dad: Tuxedo
Born: 9-15-09
Weight as of 11-4-09 is at 19 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult to be around 4 pounds
Went to his new family, Estes Family from Hammond, La.

Ms. Debra,
This is puppy #D35 now known as Zack, we bought him in December 2009. Zack is doing wonderful, he is so loving and has a personality of his own. He now weighs 5 1/2 pounds and is SPOILED ROTTEN. We are so glad to have found him, he is a wonderful addition to our family.
Thanks for such a wonderful dog.
Jamie, Joey, Blake & Zack Estes


Chihuahua Puppy #D82
Tiny Long Coat Male
Mom: Red
Dad: Wahoo
Born: 12-5-09
Weight as of 2-4-09 is at 14 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult to be around 2 pounds
Went home to his family, Linda and Samantha from Boutee, La.

We are the proud owners of Cooper, a tea cup long-haired Chihuahua purchased from you. Cooper is such a little man.....he runs and jumps around like crazy when he is excited. He loves to have his belly rubbed and will let anyone hold him at ANY time. He has been a lot of fun and we are constantly getting compliments on how cute he is! Just wanted to let you know that he is doing great and is a joy to have around.
Linda and Samantha Dufrene
Boutte, LA
P.S. Here are some updated photos of Cooper. He weighs about 3 pounds.





Hi Debra,
It's true he is the most beautiful Chihuahua ever. Every time we go to the park we get stopped by people (a lot!).
I think he weights around 2.5 kg (5 pounds).

Chihuahua Puppy #D5
Smooth Coat Male
Mom: Spaz
Dad: Domino
Born: 7-26-09
Weight as of 13 weeks of age is 26 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult to be around 2 1/2 to 3 pounds
Went home to Eva from Calagry, Canada

Chihuahua Puppy #C90
Long Coat Male
Born 5-10-09
Mom Creamora
Dad Dreamer
Weight 22 ounces as of 7-2-09
Estimated Weight as an adult will be 4 lbs
Gone home to his best friend, Natalie from Baton Rouge, La

Oh Debra:

I have so many wonderful things to say about Bruzer. I know you breed the best Chihuahuas in the nation but he is truly one of your top dogs. He is 100% Chihuahua - intelligent, brave, loyal, playful and has a wonderful sense of humor. I don't know if you remember but Natalie (my little girl) and I drove out to the Paw Palace a few weeks after my father had died. We were so sad about losing Dad and bringing Bruzer home brought a wonderful light and happiness into our home. I have owned many dogs in my lifetime but no dog has the compassion and warmth of this little Chihuahua. He is definitely the boss of the pack - every morning he patrols my bed to let my 85 pound Weimaraner know that he is the king of the bed and she is not allowed to enter. Bruzer goes everywhere with me and is very friendly and very proud of his handsome Chihuahua looks.

He is a great eater and weighs right under 3 pounds. He loves his morning walks, especially chasing squirrels and digging for moles. Everyday he gets a longer walk riding in his doggie backpack. He is my sunshine and wish I could have 5 more like him.

Thank you for your diligence in breeding such wonderful little friends. You have made our home a happier place with our little man.

Deborah Baer Johnson


Chihuahua Puppy #C92
Tiny Long Coat Male
Mom: Stormie
Dad: Wolfgang
Born: 5-24-09
Weight as of 7-8-09 is at 16 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult is to be
around 2 1/2 - 3 pounds
Went home to his new friend,
Crystal from Lafayette, La

Hi there!
In September, my family and I bought a very little special puppy from you!
He was known as '#C92'. Louie is his new name. As of now, it is April 20, 2010.
So far, Louie is a very energetic little guy! He is a big hit when walking around the neighborhood, and everyone loves him! He is also house trained! He loves to cuddle up in warm cozy areas, and he's always looking for attention. Ever since our other Chihuahua, Chao has passed away, we've been very sad. But now, Louie has come along, and we love him very much! Attached, are some pictures of Louie. The first one is from when we had recently gotten him, and the second one is the most recent picture of Louie! He is very photogenic, and always has a charming face for the camera!
Love always,
The Nguyen Family


Chihuahua Puppy #B32
Long Coat Male
Born 1-16-08
Mom Tiny
Dad Zaccheus
Gone to his new family,
The Willard Family from Bogalusa, La

Just wanted to send you a recent picture of Bear. We've had him as a member of our family for two years now. He's not only beautiful, he's just got the best temperament in the world. We love him to pieces.
The Willard Family,
Bogalusa, LA

Chihuahua Puppy #D30
Tiny Smooth Coat Female
Mom: Onyx
Dad: Pee Wee
Born: 9-6-09
Weight as of 10-18-09 is 16 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult 3 - 3 1/2 pounds
Went to her new parents, Hannah and Chris from New Orleans, La.

Hi Debbie,

Here are some recent pictures of Kitty, probably from a month ago. We love her so much! She is so sweet, but she loves to play rough. She listens really well, she can even play fetch. And we can't go ANYWHERE without getting stopped by people interested in her, she's quite the looker:)

Thank you so much!
Chris and Hannah New Orleans LA

Chihuahua Puppy #D51
Smooth Coat Female
Mom: Heather
Dad: Tuxedo
Born: 11-7-09
Weight as of 12-13-09 is at 11 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult is to be around 2 1/2 - 3 pounds


Good evening Debra,

I'm happy receiving my dream puppy delivered to me on time at Cargo Continental. We love her, "une toute petite mignon chienne", precious little thing with great apple head and real short muzzle. I appreciate your trustworthiness, because you just sent to me what I placed order for. Tell me something that i need to do to keep my sweety stay healthy and live long. Thank you very much.

Chihuahua Puppy #D10
Tiny Smooth Coat Female
Mom: Haley
Dad: Rufus
Born: 7-30-09
Weight as of 9-9-09 is 10 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult to be around 2 1/2 pounds
Went to her new Mom, Lori from Cleveland, Ohio


Hi Debra,
It was great chatting with you yesterday! I've attached a couple pictures of Emma. As of 2 weeks ago she weighed in at 2lbs 17oz. She has been a wonderful addition to our family...we love her to pieces! ( :
Kind Regards,

Chihuahua Puppy #D15
Smooth Coat Male
Mom: Jasmine
Dad: Buck
Born 8-7-09
Weight as of 9-23-09 is at 14 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult to be around 3 1/2 - 4 pounds
Went to his new family,
Michael and Millie from Gardenridge, Texas



Stimpy is the sunshine of our days. He is so sweet and precious. I wasn’t sure if I could fall in love with another little baby after I lost Nano. Stimpy is my little shadow and has become a center of attention at home and at work. When I am at the restaurant he even comes to the main dining room to meet everyone. I have live music every day and he has become accustomed to drums, guitars, vocals and saxophonist. He is always introduced to each musician that plays at my restaurant.
I told my husband, Mick, yesterday that Stimpy must think his name is “AWE” because that is everyone’s first response to him. He is so smart, sweet and gentle and totally addicted to his mommy. Well, I am pretty addicted to him as well. He is with me everywhere I go… the theatre, out to eat, work, shopping, even when I cook in the kitchen he is there. He loves crawling inside one of my sleeves and takes a nap while I am working. It is the funniest thing. He has the sweetest face and melts my heart each time I see him.
He already knows how to sit, dance, give kisses, shake and come. I am amazed at how intelligent he is!
I am so glad I found you and will send any inquiries your way. You certainly display the attributes of a quality breeder and we look forward to getting our second baby from you soon. I have never had 2 Chihuahua’s at once and after Stimpy I can only imagine it will be double the sweetness.
I have attached some recent pictures of him for your enjoyment. He loves to cuddle. I will send some others of him awake! When he sleeps he looks like a little angel and I can just stare at him endlessly.
At 4 months (today) he weighs 19 5/8oz. What a BIG GUY! He received his next set of shots this last week like a trooper. Our vet says he is such a “little man”. J His coat is cream and white and is absolutely beautiful. His little paws are tan and he has tan around his eyes and as an outline around his ears.
All of our thanks and appreciation,
Millie and Mike

Chihuahua Puppy #C86
Tiny Smooth Coat Male
Mom: Cancun
Dad: Dreamer
Born: 4-14-09
Weight as of 5-17-09 is at 10 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult to be 3 pounds
Went to his new Mom Marcie from Houma, La.


Good Morning Debra (Grandma) --
Just wanted to share with you -- a picture of my beautiful little boy -- Jag. We love him sooooooo much.....he is adorable and has such a wonderful temperament -- gets along very well with the rest of "our gang".
Take care,
Marcie L. Guidry

Chihuahua Puppy #C68
Long Coat Male
Mom: Maddie
Dad: Ransom
Born: 1-17-09
Went home to The Vernon Family from Baton Rouge, La.

Just thought I would send you an updated photo of Bandit.
We are all enjoying him.

Chihuahua Puppy #C66
Smooth Coat Female
Mom: Hallie
Dad: Rufus
Born: 1-13-09
Estimated weight as a adult to be 3 - 3 1/2 pounds
Went home to her new Family, Danny, Debbie and Snuggles from Shreveport, La.


Hi, Aunt Debra!
Mom took this picture of us today and wanted to send it to you. Aren't we cute? We hope to get to come see you soon!
Snuggles & Sugar

We first had the pleasure of meeting Debra and becoming acquainted with "The Paw Palace" in 2008, after both of our older Chihuahuas had passed away.  She was so kind and helpful in helping us make a decision on the right pup for my husband and I.  We bought Snuggles in 2008 and Sugar 2009.  Each of these pups was exactly what Debra said they would be, beautiful, small, cobby, coming from excellent bloodlines with no patella problems, etc.  In addition, our babies have wonderful personalities and are sweet and loving.  We wouldn't take anything for them and consider them our children.  We would recommend anyone who is looking for quality babies to see Debra.  If we have an opportunity to purchase from her in the future, we will.  We love her and consider her a friend and our babys' "Aunt Debra".

Debbie & Danny Wilson
Shreveport, LA

Chihuahua Puppy #D55
Long Coat Female
Mom: Black Beauty
Dad: Wolf
Born: 11-10-09
Weight as of 12-13-09 is at 20 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult to be around 4 1/2 pounds
Went to her new family, Marshall and Jennifer
from Meridian, Idaho


Dear Debra,

We just wanted to let you know that puppy D#55 who is now named Minnie (my daughter loves Minnie Mouse), is doing great. She has a wonderful personality, very lovable and super smart. She only had one accident in the house and now knows to go potty outside. She is even more adorable in person than the photo lead us to believe. We are very happy and wanted to let you know she is also. Thank you for such a perfect little puppy.

Thank You,

Chihuahua Puppy #C53
Smooth Coat Female
Mom: Sierra
Dad: Pee Wee
Weight as of 2-11-09 is at 15 ounces
Estimated weight as an adult to be at 4 pounds

Went home to her new Family, Steve & Stacey
from Platte City, Missouri

Chihuahua Puppy #A65
Tiny black tri color male
Born 6-7-07
Mom: Treasure
Dad: Domino
Weight 20 ozs as of 8-6-07
Est. wt. full grown 3 and a half pounds
Has gone home with his family, The Romano Family from Madisonville, La.


I'm a little boy!
Birth date-March 5, 2004. I'm 8 weeks old and weigh 2.2 lb!
I'm going to Penny from Baker Louisiana!
Our "Beauregard Bouquet - AKA Beaux" is quite spoiled and LOVES his Mom!! ;-) He's doing great at 1 1/2 years old! We moved from Baker to Port Allen.

I'm a handsome boy!
My Mom's name is Fancy.
My new Mom is Gail from French Settlement, Louisiana.

We were really pleased to receive this updated photo!
Goliath pictured at 4 months, isn't he cute!

Chihuahua Puppy #B7
Tiny Long Coat Female
Born 10-18-07
Weighs 1 lb 3 oz as of 12-5-07
Mom - Shadow  & Dad - Zaccheus

Gone home to her new Mom, Juliet from Metairie, La


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