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Hello and welcome to The Paw Palace.
We are a mother and daughter Chihuahua Breeders team, located in Louisiana.
At The Paw Palace we treat all our Chihuahuas like Royalty.

All of our Chihuahuas are AKC registered. They have their own climate controlled, soft bedding house. We let them out everyday, weather permitting. When it is time to breed our Chihuahuas and deliver their puppies they come inside. We stay up helping, to coach them along, with the delivery of the puppies. From the first day they are born our Chihuahua Puppies are held, played with, and very socialized with the family. The puppies stay inside our home until it is time for them to leave us to go to their new homes.


Adding a new pet as a member of your family is an exciting time. For those who have fallen in love with the Chihuahua, The Paw Palace is a great choice for adopting an adorable Chihuahua puppy. The puppies born into our hands are treated with the highest quality of care. We follow a specific set of guidelines and principles when breeding our dogs.

The Chihuahua breed is a great choice for families with children. Our puppies get acclimated quickly to strangers that come into our home, which helps in the adaptation process with their new family members and surroundings. The Chihuahua’s small stature and loveable personality makes them simply irresistible.

The living conditions of our adult dogs and puppies are very appropriate and comfortable. The dogs are let out daily to roam and play. They are fed a well-balanced diet and get to rest and sleep in their own climate controlled, soft bedding house. We cuddle with each dog and provide them the attention and affection that they deserve.

We want each puppy that leaves us to remain a family pet. To ensure they are not used for any other purpose, we send limited registered AKC papers with the puppy. Making sure our babies go to a good home is a top priority. Our puppies will only go to approved homes.

If you are interested in a puppy for breeding please let us know when you inquire about the puppies. Some of our puppies are just to small to be used for breeding. We will help you toward the best puppy for breeding. But please realize we want all of our Chihuahua puppies to be loved!

A deposit can be placed on a puppy of your choice. Once the puppy is ready to leave our home, arrangements for shipping and payment can be made. BUT you must understand that deposits are non-refundable. Puppies can be shipped to anywhere in the US. Available, but only with our puppies best interest in mind. We do not ship during extreme weather.

Chihuahua puppies are displayed on our website. For any questions about The Paw Palace, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

We will update as our Chihuahua Puppies are born. If you see something you like or dislike please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for visiting The Paw Palace.

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Sires Dams Puppies Gallery Testimonials Home Email

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