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Hello and welcome to The Paw Palace.
We are a mother and daughter Chihuahua Breeders team, located in Louisiana.
At The Paw Palace we treat all our Chihuahuas like Royalty.

Louisiana Chihuahua Breeders

Our AKC Chihuahuas

All of our Chihuahuas are AKC registered. They have their own climate controlled, soft bedding house. We let them out everyday, weather permitting. When it is time to breed our Chihuahuas and deliver their puppies they come inside. We stay up helping, to coach them along, with the delivery of the puppies. From the first day they are born our Chihuahua Puppies are held, played with, and very socialized with the family. The puppies stay inside our home until it is time for them to leave us to go to their new homes.

We cry when we lose a Chihuahua Puppy, whether in birth or them going to their new home. We call from time to time to see how all our little Chihuahua Puppies are doing. Everyone at The Paw Palace gets love and affection everyday. They are pampered, very spoiled, and they have never met a stranger they did not like. We socialize our Chihuahuas with everyone they come in contact with. They are very very lovable. The Paw Palace is not a puppy mill but a Chihuahua family! Puppy Palace Chihuahua Breeders
Here at The Paw Palace, we pride ourselves in the love and attention our puppies receive. We answer all questions honestly and expect the same in return. We are happy to see our little Teacup Chihuahua puppies go to pet homes and appropriate 'Limited AKC Registration' papers go with them. This is to ensure a puppy that is purchased as a pet, remains just that, a pet, and not in the hands of puppy millers. Our puppies are placed in approved homes only, I'm sure everyone can appreciate that. They can still compete in obedience and agility trials with limited registration, they just can't be used to produce AKC puppies.

All Paw Palace Chihuahua Puppies are kept up to date on medical needs, including vaccinations and worming. They are also vet checked before leaving for their new homes. We also offer a written health guarantee with each puppy. Our goal is to produce beautiful, healthy, happy Chihuahua puppies that people will enjoy as part of their family for many many years. We offer shipping, at purchaser's expense, within the US but only with our puppies best interest in mind. We do not ship during extreme weather.

If you are interested in a puppy for breeding please let us know when you inquire about the puppies. Some of our puppies are just to small to be used for breeding. We will help you toward the best puppy for breeding. But please realize we want all of our Chihuahua puppies to be loved!

DEPOSITS...we do accepts deposits to hold your puppy until it is ready for it's new home. This means once we accept your deposit we are satisfied the puppy is going to a loving home and we will not offer the puppy to anyone else. BUT you must understand that deposits are non-refundable.

We will update as our Chihuahua Puppies are born. If you see something you like or dislike please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for visiting The Paw Palace.

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